How to Select A Monument?

When a loved one passes, the grief of that loss can turn planning their memorial into a stressful time. At Wertheimer Liberty Monuments we understand that the planning of a memorial isn't easy, which is why we assist you in to turning this into a celebration of life and a beautiful monument in remembrance. Honoring the life of your lost loved one is our top priority and has been for over 75 years.
Our friendly and compassionate staff will walk you through the steps and options available to you, turning this moment in life into a symbol you can cherish forever. Starting with the design process, we identify the style of tribute you prefer before we move in to the details that will be placed on your marker. Our monuments can be easily personalized to reflect the beautiful life of your loved one by listing their name, birth date, life motto and more; including the personalization of the chosen granite. We offer a wide selection of colors ranging from gray, brown, pink, red, shades of black and more. Add your own emblem, special marker, or personal artwork.

When you are ready to begin the design process, give us a call and let our team assist you in celebrating the life of your beloved one. Our caring and dedicated professionals at Wertheimer Liberty Monuments are ready to assist you in creating a beautiful and long-lasting memorial.
We understand every memorial is different which is why we offer a wide range of markers: